Automation Application

In the automation equipment industry, there are many places where flexible cables are needed. Flexible cables can be used as control and monitoring signal transmission and power supply connections, and in automation equipment, as connecting wires in electrical control cabinets. Flexible cables can also be installed in various occasions where torsion and bending stress exist at the same time. In automation equipment, they can be installed in towline shells for use. All in all, the application range of flexible cables in automation equipment is quite wide. They can be used as control cables in control cabinets and as drag chain cables in drag chain shells. Therefore, in order to improve their productivity, many automation manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the performance of flexible cables. No matter from the selection or the quality, each manufacturer will increase the inspection of the products. Suzhou Desan Wire Co., Ltd produces flexible cables in strict accordance with the customer's standards. Whether it is the choice of materials or the skills of workshop production, they are strictly implemented in accordance with the standards without any ambiguity. The following are pictures of flexible cables used in energy chains collected from our automation industry customers.