Medical Application

Application in medical automation


Numerous medical devices rely on interconnecting devices such as cables, but unlike cables used in communication networks, medical device cables have unique technical requirements. First, medical device cables must be extremely flexible and able to withstand repeated flexing. Second, medical device cables must also meet strict regulatory safety guidelines that vary depending on the type of device that uses the cable, whether the cable is in contact with the patient, and how the cable is in contact with the patient. In addition to the above-mentioned continuous bending and safety requirements, such cables must also be able to withstand continuous sterilization conditions. Such conditions include high pressure, gamma radiation, and exposure to chemicals and solvents. The medical industry is a harsh application environment for cables, and there are many factors to consider. In addition, due to the continuous innovation of technology in this field, it is also required that the development of cables can keep up with the corresponding technical requirements at the same time.