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UL 1015 PVC wire

Ul1015 wire has a wide range of usage and stable physical property and is one of the main products in cable industry.

1. Why is this product one of main products in cable industry?

The under example can explain:

Our company's products have a monthly output of about 5 million meters and more than 20 specifications of wires, such as ul1007, ul1095, ul1061, ul1185, ul1569, ul2095, ul2426, ul2725, etc. but ul1015 products account for about 30% of the total output. The product has many models and specifications, such as ul1015 10awg, ul1015 12awg, ul101514awg, ul101516awg, ul1015 18awg, ul1015 20awg, ul1015 22Awg, ul1015 24awg, ul1015 26awg, ul1015 28Awg, and ul1015 30awg, which are common lines.

2. Why is this wire widely used?

Ul1015 wire is the main internal connecting line of general electronic products and all kinds of electrical products. Its types include American standard cable, oil-resistant cable, environmental protection cable, high flexible drag chain cable, robot cable, high temperature cable, servo cable, encoder cable, oil-resistant cable, PUR polyurethane cable, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant cable, elevator traveling cable, crane cable, traveling cable and shielded electricity Cable, control cable, cold resistant cable, environmental protection cable, flame retardant cable, armored cable

The utility model is not only used in general household electronic products and appliances, but also in high-end artificial intelligence products. For example, robots, monitoring equipment, etc.

3. Why we say it has a stable physical property?

The rated temperature of the product is 105 ℃, the rated voltage is 600V, and its standard reference is UL758, ul1581, CSA C22. No.210.2

The conductor shall be single or stranded  tinned copper or bare copper,its ranges from 1awg to 30awg, PVC insulated, in line with the Rosh environmental protection standard. The insulation thickness is even, and the wire is easy to be cut and peeled.

The finished cable is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, high temperature and environmental protection.



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